An Interview Archive and Tour History?

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An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Scott » Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:59 pm

We're throwing out the idea of an interview archive and memorabilia like the letter Max wrote about the IARB breakdown for the new site. The problem is, I don't have all of these saved, but I know some of you know where this stuff is! Could you guys get on that and start compiling and posting the links here? Thanks alot!

Also we're thinking about doing a tour history for Say Anything maybe including the tours which got cancelled ETC for unknown problems. Anyone got anything on this?
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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Mistle » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:12 pm

This is a really good idea.
I do know where to find some really old Max posts... i'll see if i can dig them up.

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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Mistle » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:13 pm

This one is from 2002...


SATURDAY AUG.3rd at the Knitting Factory
MAX SOLO ACOUSTIC playing new shit and old favorites with SMILE, Army of Freshmen, Waking Hours and More
Show is at 8:00 with Max opening
Tickets 10 dollars
Preorder at 323 463 0204

$10 The show starts at 8:30
With THE MILLIONS and the debut of Carrick Moore Gerety (Ex PUSH-KINGS singer) 's awesome new rock band EVERYBODY ELSE.
This is our last show before college, and your last chance to see us for at least until winter. DON'T MISS IT. It will be the show to end all shows and will probably be the most passionate show we have ever put on. Read on and see why.

So the summer is coming to an end, and big change is afoot. Hair is growing in odd places, and we are starting to notice funny feelings that we never really had before. Additionally, we regret to announce that Say Anything co-founder, bass-player, and sex god Michael Levin will be leaving the band to pursue the intense academic rigor and artistic challenges that await him at University of Chicago. Mike's contributions to the band as a musician and as the wacky, blood-spurting guy he is are so great that they cannot be listed. The split of the band was completely respectful, understood, expected, and we are still great friends. Mike's final show will be our big blowout show on the 13th, so go-it may be the last time you see his pretty face.

With only 2 members left, one of whom, this writer, is leaving for college on the opposite coast, one might say Father Fate has dropped a fat deuce on the Anything. However, ye loyal soldiers need not fear. Times may be strange, but they are the most exciting they have ever been. Say Anything was born out of my songwriting, and the fierce musical chemistry between myself and Coby. Now it has been stripped down to those raw elements again, and the possibilities are endless. Coby and I are totally stoked on finding new awesome musicians to work with in NY or L.A, but we will always be Say Anything. If you are a true fan, you know we will never stop making music. Practicing has continued and Coby and I have only gotten tighter and are preparing to record at the end of this summer another independent release on with me temporarily (?) filling in on the bass.

We have played a few new songs at recent shows but they don't really hint at the diversity of the new material. We won't spill everything, but to whet your chops we'll give you this: It ranges from the most creative subtle-delicate songwriting we've ever explored to the most ferocious material we've dared to come out with. We are out to fuck shit up with this new stuff, and we think when you hear it you'll be plesantly shocked at the change. There are between 15-20 brand new songs. Some of the one's we're most excited about are ÒA Walk Through HellÓ, ÒSignal the RiflemenÓ, ÒI Want to Know Your PlansÓ, ÒYou Help ThemÓ and ÒTry to Remember, ForgetÓ. We still dig Baseball but our new stuff just blows it out of the water. We are finally having fun again making music, and I am writing songs like crrrazzzy. People are comparing the new sound to a sick brew of Superchunk, The Smiths, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Bowie, the fiercer side of the Foo Fighters, Belle and Sebastian, Elvis Costello, Hot Rod Circuit, Thursday, Superdrag and more . The lyrics range from the anger-management opuses we do best (Ò NudityÓ) to social renovation and society's influence on our growing up process and love-lives(ÒFor the SilentÓ, ÒAll this FashionÓ) We can't wait for you guys to hear the new stuff.

As for our label\touring situation, I'd love to clean up a bunch of stuff. We NEVER signed anything the labels offered, and we still feel that we are not ready to commit ourselves to any major label. We have been lucky enough to peak a lot of interest this year, but we would rather keep it underground until we are satisfied with the integrity of our fanbase. All of the buzz that has found us this year has come from YOUR support,; the support of those who care about good underground music. YOU are the people we want to impress right now, not an industry. Yes its all exciting and great and we all want to make a pretty penny, I will not lie, but our goal is to be career musicians, not flashes in the pan. We are young and have a lot of living to do before we're ready to take on the intensity of a major label release. It may be a few months, or even a year or two but its not going to be now. The labels understand this and are willing to wait. The future is promising as hell.

That is how many of the bands we have befriended and much the bands we love have become successful. I will be playing a lot on the east coast by myself, and picking up musicians as I go, until both Coby and I are 100 percent solid on the people we are playing music with. When we have enough people to, we fully intend on coming back and rocking out in L.A . Music is my priority and Coby's as well, so have no fear: a return to our stomping grounds later in this next school year or at least by next summer is eminent.

Please come and show your support at our last two shows of this year, and our last two shows for a while. I will be playing by myself on the 3rd for the first time in a long time, and I will no doubt be doing a lot of new stuff. Not much needs to be said about the Aug. 13th Knitting Factory headlining date but that if ever there was a show to go to, this should be it. We want EVERYONE there, and we are going to put on the craziest show you' ve ever seen. Pre-order now or get there early at 8:00 to get tickets cause this one is going to go fast, with such awesome bands as the Millions and Carrick of the Push King's new band supporting our headlining bill.

Anyway, we'll sum it up with this: THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING HIGH SCHOOL CAREER but now its time for Say Anything to grow up. This may be the end of our present incarnation, but it is the beginning of something new, exciting and quite different. Please keep coming to the website, I'll be putting up new songs and hopefully info on the upcoming new release. We serious love you guys and owe everything to you. I personally am indebted every time a lyric comes out of one of your mouths at a show or I receive an instant message with appreciation or support. It keeps me alive. Thank you so much. I will never ever stop making music thanks to all of you.

Maxim Bemis

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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Mistle » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:15 pm

Another from 2002,

Hey everyone it's Max. { october 2002 }
I am now a student at Sarah Lawrence college. The band is still together, though it is just me and coby. The direction of Say Anything is now more of a Elliot Smith, Pete Yorn, Bright Eyes, type deal with me playing most to all of the guitars, bass, and keys on the album, coby handling the drums, and a revolving group of musicians handling everything else. We feel this looser definition of "band" fits us better.
I willl be playing acoustic shows on the east coast after the release of our next record which will be on an awesome indie label that we cannot really name for a little bit. However we are really excited about it. The material on the record will be a mix of some of tunes from the semi-new demos (a bunch of which you can downoad below) and ones I've written at school. I am happy to say my voice has changed for the better, I've been working on it a lot, and it should dwarf my sort of poopy Baseball vocals. We're totally proud of the new material, though it keeps evoving everyday as we listen to more and more music. We won't reveal much about the new new material I've written at school but suffice to say its much more out there than our previous stuff and should dwarf that poopiness as well. The demos you will hear below are really really rough (max plays everything including fake, off time keyboard drums) and they are most of the time the first day Max has written the song but we think you guys deserve a new 's worth of songs as sloppy as it may be.

Thank you so much for being patient while we figure ourselves out. Know I will never stop making music, and coby is along for the ride as well. Keep spreading the word...burn these new songs onto a cd and make yoursef a free new EP and show it to your homies and their homies' homies. More news soon!

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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Mistle » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:15 pm

Is this the kind of stuff you're after? If so, I can keep posting more. Not sure if it's what you want though. You can search the say anything website archive for more :D there's heaps of cool stuff.

EDIT: Sorry if this clogs up the page, but i found these blogs of Max going crazy rather interesting lol..

excessive, manic sober blogging of the first degree volume 1
i am going to abuse my right to "blog". i have to ask you guys, do you really like my band or whut? its hard for me to believe, considering a part of me hates everything i produce. (dont worry another part of me thinks its good) i cant even believe that someone would see me in the way i used to see bands like saves the day and the get up kids. i listened to them all the time, ALL THE TIME, analyzed their lyrics, i even projected my own insecurities onto them as they seemed to be able to "rise above it all". and THEY COULD. they were enthusiastic geeks like me who made it. they amazed me. in fact i used to creep them out outside of shows.yes, i was that creepy kid, and now suddenly i'm that creepy singer. it blows my mind that someone would put our name in their screename, yet there are so many bands and so many screenames and i know how fleeting a fixation with a band can be. i get jealous and possesive. its us versus the rocket summer no holds barred. however, it gives me amazing strength in my heart every time i meet one of you beautiful mother-fuckers and i see some part of myself in you, and then i start to think i might be "doing well", and i have to hate on myself to even out the feeling. i often wonder if we really matter in the scope of all art. i know one isn't supposed to care at all but if any of you guys secretly hate me i really want to know. please email me a concise and well thought account of why you do at . maybe i'll publish the best "why you guys kind of dont like me even though you sorta do" letter, maybe i'll go down on a tigermoose, who knows im NUTS (by the way if you've read this far i fucking love you)
some suggestions:
i am lazy i am awkward i am inconsiderate i am SOMETIMES a douchebag i am fairly stingy, when i flirt with girls i'm either overly confident or sniveling and nervous, when i flirt with dudes i'm the same way and its MOST times just to "be open minded"(or is it) , i am manic and generally only listen to third and fourth wave emo bands when there is a wealth of "better" music i could be discovering but i am a sickly mixture of way too jaded and way immature

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a simple plan
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people who don't\do like what i say
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KamikazeGoldFish (12:36:09 PM): VOTE BUSH
SayAnything16 (12:36:12 PM): bye
SayAnything16 (12:36:22 PM): i'm going to put your screename on my site
KamikazeGoldFish (12:36:31 PM): for what
SayAnything16 (12:36:42 PM): so kids can instant message you
KamikazeGoldFish (12:37:03 PM): ok thats cool with me, ill come back just as hard with the same argument
SayAnything16 (12:37:15 PM): god you are a sick fuck you're gonna die lonely (SIDENOTE: That was me being an idiot. This kid might die today and it could be my fault. PLEASE DONT DIE. IF YOU ARE EVEN THINKING ABOUT DOING THAT THEN EMAIL ME AT SAYANYTHING16@AOL.COM AND GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER AND I WILL CALL YOU AND TALK YOU OUT OF IT.)
SayAnything16 (12:37:38 PM): that would be horrible
KamikazeGoldFish (12:38:14 PM): you dont even deserve liberty or freedom if you say it would be horrible to die for our country
(sidenote: i am extremely scared of death because life is precious and amazing i am also scared this kid is going to kill himself because he said i will be "gone by saturday". DUDE. GET A GRIP. GO LOOK AT A TREE OR KISS SOMEONE OR SOMETHING LIFE IS FUN DONT END IT. LISTEN TO MUSIC, MAYBE. )
Speaking of which what is with "fat kids" or "dorks" who like my band thinking that i wasn't a skinny ugly dork kid with buckteeth at one point and that i dont know what its like to be alienated by people. EVERYONE WAS AWKWARD AT ONE POINT. LET IT GO AND TRY AND FIND A LOVE FOR YOURSELF THERE IS SOMEBODY FOR EVERYONE FOR GODSAKE THERES LIKE BILLINONS OF PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. Get a PUPPY OR SOMETHING. One thing i can guarentee you is that I WAS EQUALLY AWKWARD AS YOU. PEOPLE IN BANDS ARE THE BIGGEST DORKS EVER. all i do is sit online all day. do you think i get laid or have a social life? FUCK NO. I CAN STILL BARELY TALK TO GIRLS. SOMEONE WHO MATTERS WILL LOVE YOU FOR YOUR INNER JOY AND BEAUTY. ITS NOT A CLICHE. And stop resenting the more "attractive" or "skinny" or "less zitty" people around you, they may be mean which is HORRIBLE, but one thing we can say for them is that they figured out early on its INNER CONFIDENCE IN YOUR SOUL AND YOUR WORDS that makes you attractive and KNOWING YOU MATTER (unlike that poor kid who might actually try and kill his\herself DONT DO IT DUDE YOUR GIRLFRIEND LOVES YOU AND I LOVE YOU) EVERY PERSON MATTERS. espcially this kamikaze kid. PEACE. bemis OUT
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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Merhorse » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:25 pm

It's hard to find a full list of this stuff, but i'm sure if everyone pools in we could get a decent list going. Here's some stuff that might help, unfortunately i don't really have anything too rare. Just some older news/interviews that's buried under a lot of more recent ones.

Also a good read is the archived say anything stuff, there's probably some stuff you're looking for hidden in them somewhere.*/

Haven't really got anything rare, but hope this helps anyway. Also, first post :)

Sunday, September 3rd, 2000 @ 5pm
at Alexis' House is Newbury Park (Agoura Hills)
For directions email Akiva at

Sunday, September 10 @ 9:15pm
at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood, 9009 Sunset Strip
Tickets are $3 at the door, doors are at 8pm

A little too far back? :P

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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Mistle » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:43 pm

Is this the post from Max about the breakdown you guys were after? It's not the IARB recording breakdown, but one of the following tours:

MONDAY, JULY 11, 2005

hello and apologies
okay so first of all i'm sorry for cancelling our tour. just to clear everything up the whole thing is cancelled even the l.a dates but circa and emanuel are still doing a tour without us. circa and emanuel are both sucessful and amazing bands so they will continue the tour on their own with no prob.
basically i lost my mind again, and when i say that i lost my mind i dont mean i had depression or anxiety but that i had full on paranoid delusions which could have really screwed me up if i didn't get to the mental hosp in good time. i could have ended up dead. this is not an excuse because i know how shitty it feels to have a band you love cancel a show but if you really love us, you love the fact that i'mkind of a fucking lunatic and that even though this may have hindered your plans to see us headline this year, it means nothing in the long term because i'm gonna come back and rock your ass so hard this fall with saves the day senses fail and the early november and with another headlining tour next hard you wont even know what's coming to you. you will know how much i love those who appreciate me and my music and have the patience to understand me. if you dont, if we are just some fad that you would give up on because we canceled shows, then you can s my d and die. if you are bummed on me but you still believe, i promise to make it up to you by putting even more of myself into the music and our live show. the more you trust me the more i trust you. i am all about me and you. its about both of us. its about giving and taking. i know i have done a good amount of taking (your time, your money, your patience) and not had the oppurtunity to give but all i want is to give myself to you guys at this point because the support you've given me is beyond belief. guess what though, i don't think i'm shitty anymore either. i dont think anything about shows are scummy or crummy, they are the beginnings of something truly overwhelming. something awesome. believe we can topple the machine. you and i are the reasons why i do this. i am not fucking with you. this is a revolution. it needs to be real and i need to be mentally prepared.
i am writing new songs too. i have changed as a person because i have found inner confidence and fallen in love. the next record will be one about the triumph of humanity instead of its corruption. its picking up where it admit it left off. its the sequel motherfuckers and its going to be rock and and roll music. its going to be the same honesty but its not going to be about redundancy. its going to be about breaking the mold.
people have freaked out about me posting that i am full on gay. this is not cool. i am even gayer that i am taking the time to explain this statement. i dont deny that i am fully gay if gay is what i and what many people say it is, which is open to the idea of spending my life with a dude especially if my exceptionally beautiful girlfriend breaks my heart one day, which i am faithful that she won't. however i think dudes can be hot too, so fuck you if you dont get me. for all i know if i we break up i'll be doing horses and camels. i dont give a fuck all i know is i am all about this woman. peep my aol icon and guess what you cant have her.
i am not a 'rock star'. i am not a self serving brat. i DO appreciate what i have and i am trying my hardest to be independent. i feel like a butterfly. i feel like a new chapter to your favourite book. i love those who love me. if you dont have love for me, if you are a HATER then BEGONE. I am too busy now for you. i am beyond doubting my soul. i will continue to be awkward and neurotic and "corny". to me corniness translates to romanticism. i think love is overwhelming and deserves the ultimate respect, over anything. a good friend once said to me "love or death.". i BELIEVE. i dont give a fuck. the people who truly love me LOVE that.
i am here for you on aol. my screename is sayanythingmax but i cannot answer most of the ims because they come too fast but chances are if you stick with it you will get a response from me at some point. i dont ignore people on purpose unless i have to nor do i judge anyone. dont be an idiot. i am grateful any of you guys have the balls to im me at all. try to overcome your doubt. believe you are beautiful. look at yourself through someone elses green eyes. believe someone out there will find you and kiss your skin until you can feel it blister with the heat. believe in something bigger than your problems and you will be saved. look up at the beautiful "melon sky". it will answer all your questions. it will unite us against the machine. my best friend taught me the best way to battle the machine is to ignore it. ignore the obnoxious hipsters. ignore those who will put you in a box because of what country you were spat out of. ignore the judgemental indie rockers. ignore the trenchoat mafia. ignore the right wing fanatics. ignore anyone who rubs you the wrong way. ignore me if you need to but dont ignore love. its what i am fighting for.
big news to come later this week. stay tuned.
p.s i am not anakin. we are the anakin generation.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are very sorry to announce that we will be canceling the remainder of our headlining tour with the exception of the following shows:

8/4 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction 8
8/5 West Hollywood, CA - The Troubadour
8/6 San Diego, CA - Epicentre

Refunds are available at point of purchase for all cancelled shows.

Circa Survive and Emanuel will continue on and finish the tour, so you should all go out and support two amazing bands.
Please check or for more information.



EDIT: and another one on the same subject i believe:

November 3rd, 2005 - A Message from Max
Greetings party people. I am locked away in a secure compound in Houston, TX, working hard on the issues that have caused me to cancel the last two tours. Suffice to say they were canceled for good reason; you probably understand that having to drop off our first headlining tour, subsequently a tour with my favorite band ever (STD) and in general disappointing you guys in something I don’t feel great about. However these obstacles were merely a price paid to reach certain realizations about me having to be medicated all the time. If your goal is to have us be able to healthily and consistently tour and make a killer follow up to our record then BARE WITH ME. We are already throwing exciting ideas about who you’ll find us touring with, the format of the new record, etc.
The thing about being medicated or psycho-analyzed is that it’s a matter of opinion: some people believe medication causes more harm than good while other choose to seek help. However, with someone who has my disorder, you can start hallucinating and missing sleep and pretty much will throw yourself into life threatening situations without it. I’m over the mentality of trying to be more than human when in reality taking responsibility and making sure your priories are straight is the strongest you can be. You guys have to understand I don’t miss tours and end up in terrible situations with people I truly love in a casual way. I was sorely mistaken but I am not selfish, just LEARNING. I stopped taking my meds so I could be better at letting my true self out on tour and to the people close to me’ had the opposite effect and finally I learned a lesson THE HARD WAY. THE ROCK HARD WAY. THE MUSCULAR, THROBBING’opps sorry. Got carried away there. Anyhoo.
You see, the other times I have had these manic episodes, I was consumed by a feeling of being overly empowered, like life was revealing itself to me in some amazing way or I could get lots of shit done etc etc. However, this time I stayed up two nights and thought over the course of the day that I was: a) dead b) in hell c) the last three years of my life became a junkie on the street d) more horrendous crap. I’m not going to get into it, but I ended up freestyle rapping on a corner in Brooklyn and getting karate kicked in the chest. I thought that my closest friend was dead and I was responsible. That was terrible. It was enough to teach me I have no choice but to seek help through medication for the rest of my life and that, though I am still an advocate for its legalization, pot, even when smoked every so often, is an extreme detriment to me and something I can’t fuck with, nor any drug (including alcohol). Now this may seem like hypocrisy coming from the man who wrote a whole album about wandering around in a stoned daze, but let’s be honest. It’s not the most self empowered album, is it (until the last song, which is only the first chapter of being grown up)? Some people can do it forever. Some people shouldn’t ever do it and some people have their period of experimentation but I have to draw the line and end it finally with commitment.
Sometimes as a music fan you want the artist to be able to BE that piece of them that was portrayed on the record, but often learn things about life that make them look at it in a whole new perspective. It doesn’t mean I can’t look back and relate to the struggles that inspired ‘‘Is a Real Boy’. However, since the record I experienced (still am, for better or worse) true love (this is still my favorite person), collaborated with my musical heroes, went on amazing tours, went through several hospitalizations and faced my demons. I have come out stronger, happier person who is extremely secure. I may appreciate life more but I am not some space cadet now. I still strongly feel like society, evil, assholes and wrongdoers need healthy verbal ass kicking (the new stuff I’m writing isn’t any less biting or aggressive) but I am driven by hope and faith as much as cynicalism and resilience. This mentality is going to reveal itself in my new songs, as one may sense a lot of the romanticism of our earlier material providing the foundation for the social criticism and dark humor of our newer stuff. Trust me, I’m not selling out, I’m just changing, day-by-day. By day. By day by day. By day.
Anyways, I’m excited for you guys to hear Say Anything’..was a Real Boy, and if you already have it, give your friends a listen, even burn it for them. Hopefully you guys will help us out by having your friends by the two disc combo’..i think it looks quite pretty. Please keep in mind the newer disc, though containing songs a few of you already heard, is drastically mixed and mastered and sounds kick ass’.they sound like totally new songs, at least to me, and ‘Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too’ is almost totally redone.
Soon we’ll be rounding the weirdo brigade for our first headlining tour and boy are we excited. We’re gonna taper down the ticket prices and it’s gonna be a show, not just us playing music for you’.prepare to be entertained and dance and scream your asses off. Cuz if you aren’t, I’s gonna make you. I’ll be out of this place in around a month or so and back on aol to field questions and talk to you guys. Until then, I am deeply sorry and hope you still believe in me because I can’t wait for our blessed bloody reunion.

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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Scott » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:47 pm

No Mistle this is EXACTLY what we want keep it coming!!
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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Merhorse » Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:03 pm

Anyone know where to find the handwritten hate everyone lyrics that was with the deluxe edition?

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Re: An Interview Archive and Tour History?

Postby Strileckifunk » Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:05 pm

Though I hate to say it, it's actually kind of cool to see what his state of mind was at the time, as dark and self-destructive as it was. Where the hell was he posting these?

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