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PlaySA Relaunch - Welcome back!

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:20 am
by Norgan
It's been a few years, but we're back.

First, let me explain why the site shut down. The downfall started in 2011/2012 when we had a bit of a goof up and lost the domain name, and had to move to At this point we were also dealing with spam issues that caused us to lock down user registration as well. My personal life started to fill up with real-life stuff taking away my time for the website. People started visiting the website less and less. The last page in this chapter is of me dealing with technical issues and website bugs behind the scenes, moving the site to different servers trying to fix the issues. I wasn't able to fix the issues, I had no time to work on the site technically or tab out songs for the site, we were down to less than 5 visits a week... I felt defeated and disillusioned. I didn't renew the hosting plan.

People have been asking if the site was ever coming back for a while now. I never planned on it, but last month I was convinced I should at least try to fix the issues that brought it down before. I think the biggest issue was our losing the domain; it decimated our traffic when it lost it. I saw the domain was available, and bought it immediately. I found that I actually still had a backup of the site from 2011... loaded it immediately. This past week has since been filled with me using all of my free time to fix all of the bugs and issues from before. I think it's finally ready for re-launch.

When I first got involved with Playsa, it was really never about the "community" as much as it was about the music and the tabs. Everyone asking about the site, looking for tabs, reminded me of that. So from now on that will be the focus, and whatever happens to our traffic numbers, I'll keep the site running. You'll see the site is missing the Tour History, Exclusives, and Articles/Blog Posts sections; I didn't bother with them because they have nothing to do with the tabs and I wanted to get the site re-launched as soon as possible. If there is ever a demand for that kind of stuff in the future, though, I'll work on it.

Finally, the Ask Say Anything forum is locked. Back in the day, Jeff Turner would periodically answer some questions people would post there. Today, however, I'm not in contact with him or any other band members, and for the time being I don't have any reason to think any questions there will be answered by any band members. So it's locked for now.

Well, we have a whole 2 albums worth of Say Anything that needs to be tabbed out now. Lets get started!

Re: PlaySA Relaunch - Welcome back!

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:20 pm
by nateorz
Hi, nobody has posted here. Seems super inactive, aside from bots but....hello! I just added a fixed version of Fed to Death because I got bored and was noodling to it, in light of the recent new album drop. Hoping activity picks back up again because this used to be a pretty swingin' place.

Re: PlaySA Relaunch - Welcome back!

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:10 pm
by Norgan
Glad to see you're back! :) I've been super busy myself, but I have a few songs I'm planning on tackling still. Not to mention THE NEW ALBUM DROPPED LAST NIGHT! Hopefully we can get some stuff done on it soon!

Re: PlaySA Relaunch - Welcome back!

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:17 am
by IdiotBrigade
Super stoked that you brought this back... I think that Say Anything has some incredibly creative and underrated songwriting/guitar work, and this site had stuff you couldn't find anywhere else. I was pretty bummed that it was gone.

If you ever run into similar issues, whether it's with hosting or with technical issues, please let me know. I have a VPS and have plenty of bandwidth to spare, and I work in web development (deal with php/mysql stuff all the time) so I could probably help troubleshoot.