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Perfect Setlist

Post by ThemDyingEars » Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:07 pm

So the way this works is that you have 14 spots and then 3 more as an encore (mirroring the highest song number through the tour.) You are tasked with creating your ideal SA setlist from their entire catalog of songs. If you really want to be awesome (you do) you can explain why you picked that song, why it's that number in the set, etc. I haven't quite thought mine through yet, but would love to read some others. I'll have mine up soon. I'll be interested to see if people go straight to what they love or if they pick what's best for the crowd.

So the format would read


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Re: Perfect Setlist

Post by MountainMan » Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:20 am

1. Skinny, Mean Man (Hearing the intro to this song as the lights go dark would be amazing)
2. Hate Everyone (crowd crazy fun, second song to keep the energy ball rolling)
3. Alive with the Glory of Love (always great)
4. Woe (classic SA song)
5. No Soul (i've always thought this song was great and it'd be nice to hear it live)
6. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (crowd pleaser!)
7. Less Cute (it's been sounding great on this tour, and i love it)
8. She Won't Follow You (also great)
9. In Defense of the Genre (haven't heard this song too much live, and it'd be rocking)
10. The Futile (RAT POISON FOR DINNER! c'mon that's all I have to say)
11. Little Girls (great rock forever)
12. An Orgy of Critics (I love this song, and I think it'd be great fun to listen to live)
13. A Walk Through Hell (a nice somber song before we get back to rocking)
14. The Last Great Punk Rock Song (I'm not sure how other SA fans feel about this song, but I think it'd sound great live and would ignite many rockings. Hearing max scream "LISTEN TO ME!" would explode the moon open)

15. Dreaming Of Manhattan (gives off that "we're not done yet" vibe! hearing the opening chords to this as the lights go dark again = !)
16. Ahh...Men (great laid back/epic set up for...)
17. Admit It!!! (Although Belt has been awesome on this tour as the closer of a couple of shows, I've always believed that they should end with this song because it just makes for an energetic, chaotic, loud conclusion as every rock show should)

That was fun!
Really interested to see other people's setlists!


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Re: Perfect Setlist

Post by maxpemis » Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:55 am

i like the idea of ending with admit it.

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Re: Perfect Setlist

Post by Mailliw » Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:00 pm

Ending with admit it is always amazing, You have the one part where he says "Guitar guitar go" and then it goes crazy and wraps up into a slower ending that everyone can sing. Ill post a setlist a little later. But to mountain man, I saw them start with Skinny, Mean Man on the myspace music tour, like 4 days or so after IDOTG came out and it was epic!

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Re: Perfect Setlist

Post by ThemDyingEars » Sat Nov 13, 2010 8:10 pm

Alright, I put mine together. It was actually pretty hard and I made some glaring omissions. But this would be a crazy, off the wall experience for my personal taste. I'm also going to steal MountainMan's method of paranthesis and color.

1. Colorblind (To me, this song just belongs as an opener. It has a build up that eventually just melts into "Hell yes, this is Say Anything.")
2. About Falling (Right off the heels of Colorblind, he screams "Never again!" and the band tears through it. Melodic but energetic.)
3. Property (A brief slowdown to set up the beginning before once again rocking out. High energy.)
4. Alive With the Glory of Love (As was said, it's always great. A catchy song to get the crowd cheering.)
5. All My Friends (Back to Baseball with this as they jump into another chaotic song)
6. Cemetery (Slowing things down with this, done acoustically.)
7. This is Fucking Ecstasy (Also done acoustically, as he has done previously. Afterwards, they come back with the electricity and hit...)
8. Rats (I'm under the impression that if there's one SA song to dislike, it's Rats. However, I love it, and I think getting everyone to chant the little "I. Smell. A. Rat. I. Smell. A. Slew. Of. Them." would make for a great live moment thing.)
9. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (Crowd pleaser, just as MountainMan said. It's a great sing-a-long number.)
10. Little Girls (More crazy rocking out, people lose their minds.)
11. Spidersong (I just really love this song :p)
12. A Walk Through Hell (Everyone leaves but Max, and he plays this acoustically. One of SA's most memorable songs in my eyes, and at this point in the show, people need a loveydove break.)
13. Total Revenge (Hey, while the acoustic guitar is out, why not play my favorite song? It's a sweet tune and the crowd will be into it. And then they "close" the show with...)
14. Chia-Like, I Shall Grow (This is a GREAT closing song, at least in my head. The "I shall grow" line would be fantastic to scream along with the whole room.)
15. But a Fleeting Illness (So they come back out, but the stage is dark. Suddenly, the lights flash on when the first note of the song is struck. Very fast paced and heavy.)
16. I Want to Know Your Plans (They slow it down again and bust out and oldie but goodie. Just a pleasant song.)
17. Belt (It was tough picking this over Admit It!!! but when they played Belt at the concert I attended, it was just a magical moment. The guitar started and the rest of the world ended. It was just nuts.)

Some of the songs I really would have liked to put in there but couldn't find space for were Baseball But Better, The Futile and Skinny, Mean Man. But hey, this is what I'd loveta hear!

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Re: Perfect Setlist

Post by maxpaul18 » Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:34 pm

1.Colorblind (Great opening song in my opinion, slow quiet opening with a great jolt near the end)
2. Less Cute (I think it'd be good song to get it all going, after Colorblind)
3. This Is Fucking Ecstasy (Less Cute would transition well into this)
4. Baby Girl i'm A Blur (Crowd pleaser)
5. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (another crowd pleaser)
6. Do Better (a fun song)
7. Showdown In P-Town (I think this would be amazing live)
8. Woe (A SA Staple)
9. Death For My Birthday (I think this would lead nicely into the acoustic section)
10. A Walk Through Hell (Acoustic)
11. About Falling (Acoustic)
12. The Futile (One of my alltime favorite songs by SA, and should go near the end)
13. Yellow Cat/Red Cat (The ringing at the end of Futile could transition great into this song)
14. Ahh Men (the closing to this song would be a great "ending")
15. Little Girls (great fun to open an encore with this fast song)
16. Sure Baby Hold Back (A huge crowd chant of SUGAR PIE HONEY BUNCH!, and the great ending leading into...)
17.Belt (I loved this at the end on this tour and I think Admit It!!! ends far to often)

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