We Killed It

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We Killed It

Postby crbrazil » Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:09 am

The girl could move and she did. We were captives on a casino ship
Where the mid-west lay out hours and burnt to a crisp
I spent a year as her hair-lip
But now I fall apart at night and dream about our trip
But the first two weeks were great!
I felt content to watch the entertainment channel and fornicate
With flashes of you maturing into staged, flawless masterpieces
Built of dreams I swore were memories
And I dream:
I saw the ocean envelop the sky and blot out the sun on the day
That we died
The former, the latter and all in between
They were vanquished by Loki the Fiend
But do you remember me?
The one that you loathed when he set you free
The one with whom you fell beneath the sea
Yeah, we killed it all night
was i born to sink into this couch

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