Extending the tours outside the US

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Extending the tours outside the US

Post by drugshavemymind » Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:48 am

You guys probably get this a lot, but could you possibly play some shows around Australasia? Specifically Christchurch, New Zealand. You've got a lot of fans around here and it'd make my life to see you all play. I'd even like organise everything for you.

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Re: Extending the tours outside the US

Post by transylvanian » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:29 pm

While I'm perfectly willing to drive the seven hours to Boston, as I will be in November!, I'm thinking the rest of your fanbase in Canada's Maritime provinces might not be quite as ready to shell out the gas money. But they do exist. Halifax, NS, Fredericton/Moncton/Saint John, NB... these cities are decent places to play. Hali has a big population. There's an emo scene here but it doesn't get enough chances to go to shows... all indie ick here. But yeah, I know the promoters, namely http://www.forwardmusicgroup.com/ and http://www.sonicconcerts.com/index.html. The Hold Steady are playing here next week, Wolf Parade came a year ago. And we've had Protest the Hero, Alexisonfire, Rise Against, Marianas Trench, A Static Lullaby, all recently. It's not a hole in the wall...
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