An Insult to the Dead

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An Insult to the Dead

Post by crbrazil » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:59 am

Failure is angular. It isn't circle shaped and ever fucked mistake’s unmade
When I abandoned her and with my wand-like sex I cast a horrid hex
I laid a curse on her, another wasted verse on her
Oh God
Forgive me Moses, Jesus, Allah
I have made such an awful regret of today
I have made such an awesome regret
I could be more than this with all the time I have; I am an insult to the dead
You should be over this. The infidelities are on account of me
And so I cheat on you, I beat on you with words and with actions
I will never tell the truth, in debt, aloof. Without you I’m a fraction
Too bad this won’t come easy where I stay
Where I lay in my bed of needles
Like I’m a bad child on a baby's birthday
Take a permanent vacation. I've got two months to live
And all the mental masturbation is just too much to give
So I'll go down to where the river flows into the sea
And you can bathe me in your body fluids. You can rescue me.
was i born to sink into this couch

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Re: An Insult to the Dead

Post by kayla705 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:00 pm

"Failure is angular, it isn't circle shaped..."
Failure stops and begins in life, it isn't continuous?

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Re: An Insult to the Dead

Post by Scott » Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:26 pm

its hard to really get what he means from this because I doubt he has studied to much advanced mathematics so these notions mean something totally different to me than they may to him...

if I was going to guess on your idea kayla, I would say if something is a circle that is associated with a loop so it is like you're trapped in a loop and you keep failing and failing. Where if it was angular (iffy on that word), it would be something as you said that happens and ends. However to be mathematically correct... technically a line is still continuous.
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