Former Punisher Gone Rogue

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Dave Pritsky
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Former Punisher Gone Rogue

Post by Dave Pritsky » Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:07 am

Can someone please tab this beautiful song???

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Re: Former Punisher Gone Rogue

Post by anthjb » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:24 am

Max Bemis and the Painful Splits
Former Punisher Gone Rogue

This is my first time doing this, so sorryif it's not right. But this way sounds decent. I am not advanced enough to tab a couple parts (there's a little diddy before the 2nd verse, and a sick solo after the 2nd chorus) so hopefully someone can figure that out soon.

Standard tuning (I think)

Verse: Am, C

Once I was there, a lovely commotion
You danced with my flesh, as a sickening garb.
My lips were your lips, my songs were worth saving,
saving your sole, drove off in your car.
But now you're too cool, You found a new boy toy,
A healthy young man, with a sweater and scarf.
Trained tragically with his jedi powers,
while i trudge behind in a dark lonely

Come on, come on
Why don't you love me like
how you loved me
when we were young?

Am, C
I trusted you, spent every moment
Defending your life, from the mobs of naive
But I was the fool, to fork over fondly
My will to exist, because you're that

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Re: Former Punisher Gone Rogue

Post by hanovergardens » Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:05 am

everything here is good except throw on a CAPO on 2
i'm the matador or the children's ward

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